Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A New Year, A New Blogger

Happy new year <3
I hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in the new year last night, whatever it was you choose to do.
Welcome to 2014, its a new year, time to forget about all the bad things that may have happened last year and a chance for a fresh start (even though I am a firm believer that it doesn't have to be a new year for you to have a fresh start). A time to make those new years resolutions and to try and stick to them.
So in keeping with the theme of a 'fresh start' and 'resolutions', I have decided to do this with my blog, I haven't posted a review since September and even though this was mainly due to my laptop dying a very slow and painful death it was also because I just wasn't putting any effort in, I would get so bogged down with real life that I never took the time to do anything with my blog and even though some may think that this was because I didn't like blogging, I can honestly say nothing is further from the truth, I love blogging, I love talking about books and sharing my passion with other passionate readers, I love discovering new authors, I've found hundreds of new books through reading peoples blogs, books I would have never dreamt of picking up before and you know what some of them have become my favourite books and now I recommend others to read them too. That is the point of blogging for me, to be able to share and express my love of reading.  So no more slacking off, instead of filling notebooks with ideas for my blog I actually need to put them into practise, this is the time for me to get back into blogging and this time to do so seriously.
  • Write more reviews: This is one of my biggest downfalls in regards to blogging, I enjoy writing reviews I like that feeling of satisfaction I get when I've particularly loved a book and I get a chance to tell the world about it and I want to do this more. I need to write my posts in advance and schedule them so that I don't stress about finding the time to write one.
  • Be more active: This is one of my biggest downfalls I don't tend to interact with many other people in the blogging community, consider I struggle sometimes to find time to write my own posts I never seem to have any time to look at other people's but this is going to change, even if its just a select few I keep updated with it will be an improvement on what I do now.
  • Branch out: As much as I love books and my blog will never change to being solely centred around books, I do want to try and make this blog a little more personal, so this year you'll probably see more posts about me and what I've been up to. Plus I want to try and make everything more conversational, make posts that get people interacting and chatting.
I've got lots of ideas in my head at the moment as to what I want to do with my blog and now its just making sure I implement them. I've already got a few reviews written and ready to be posted. Sometimes starting anew is exactly what you need and that's what I feel like I am currently doing with my blog, I gave it a mini facelift yesterday and got rid of a lot of clutter and now I feel like it looks a lot cleaner and fresher.


Now onto the most important decision of the year so far what book should I read first?


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