Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

“Got it. Look for a room with a sign with a big arrow that says, ‘Kidnapped Mancies Here,’ ” he said.” 

Half vampire and half mage, Sabina works for the vampire high council as an assassin. Raised by her grandmother she has always been told to repress her mage side that is until she meets someone who turns  her world upside down and makes her question everything she thought was real.

A wonderfully exciting and engaging urban fantasy novel. Sabina is a bad ass heroine  she is a cold hearted killer (within the first chapter she  has killed someone who she thinks of as a friend) who loyally follows whatever her grandmother tells her. The characters are wacky and charming, Giguhl was a great addition and bought plenty of humorous moments, a fearless demon turned into an ugly hairless cat, what more could you want? An Adam the mysterious stranger,he finally opens Sabina's eyes to her grandmothers evil ways, he plays such an important role and yet we barely see much of him, hopefully this will change in the next book.

Sabina grows so much within this book at first she blindly follows whatever he grandmother says but eventually she learns to think for herself and starts to question everything she has every known.

One of my favourite aspects of this book was the mythology of Cain and Lilth and that vampires have red hair due to the mark  of Cain. As the vampires age their hair colour gets darker. It was a cool and interesting take that gives it something different to the vampire books out there already.

A wonderful novel, with an excellent story line, there is still a lot of world building to be done and a lot more character development but I'm excited to continue on with this series and find out more about the world of Sabina Kane.

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