Thursday, 10 January 2013

Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

“He's twenty-nine. And what did you think he was going to look like?"
She shrugged.
"You know-old. Grizzled. Long white beard. Scruffy robes. Loveable, smart, a little absent minded." 
I bit back a grin. 
" I said 'sorcerer,' not 'Dumbledore.' So he's hot. It could be worse.” 

College student Merit is attacked by a rouge vampire whilst on campus, she is however saved (and turned)  by Ethan the Master of the Cadogan vampires. Merit is thrown into a whole new world, where she has to quickly learn to accept what she has become.

I loved this book, I was instantly hooked. Neill does a great job a building a fresh and intriguing vampire world, the plot is nicely paced, full of action and excitement. Neill's characterisation is great, they all have an individual voice with some very witty dialogue. 

Merit is a wonderful character, she is smart, funny and has such a strong personality  I loved how she adapted to being a vampire, it was realistic and even though she doesn't like what she has become she knows she must find a way to learn and adapt and she isn't afraid to kick some ass along the way. Merits relationships with the rest of the characters was great too, especially with Ethan the dark and brooding Master who turned her, she fights him all the way, literately at some points as well, I can tell their relationship will not be an easy one. 

 This book was full of adventure, mystery and a lot of laugh out loud moment. Its a great start to the series, that has left me wanting more.

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